Montag, 29. August 2011


Sharon von "NCY taught me" feiert dieses Jahr ihr 9-jähriges Jubiläum mit ihrem Ehemann Rob (und ihren drei süssen Kindern). Aus diesem Anlass plaudert sie aus dem Nähkästchen und teilt diesen Tagebucheintrag von 2001 mit ihren Lesern. Sharon schrieb ihn vor ihrem ersten Date und nachdem sie Rob zum ersten Mal gesehen hatte. Alte Tagebucheinträge - unbezahlbar!

Feb.12, 2001
So I can't even concentrate on anything. Because I met a person today* that I can't stop thinking about. And it's weird because I never get like this. I mean, I do but never this bad. I mean this is like CHASE WESTFALL* bad, well maybe not THAT bad. Chase was pretty amazing. Cause this guy, I think his name is Rob, but I'm not quite sure, wants to hang out tonight like for dinner or something. I will be going home in about 45 minutes to get ready for this little date. Ok Ok ... I know this sounds weird and it's probably because I've been at this college for too long but nevermind ...  I think he could be the guy I've been looking for. Ok that's psycho I know that. I really do, I mean in one day? But I don't know if he looks at all people like this, but he looks at me in a way I have always dreamed of a guy to look at me. Like there is something in his eyes that is just different. Ok, most guys like him do . . . but it's fun just to have it like this right now and just think that someday it will feel like this FOREVER. Like someday, I will find someone that I can have a conversation like I had with Rob everyday ... Man, I hope that's his name. I'm in the LIBRARY right now and there was this guy sitting next to me that I just felt like was reading this. So I'm all hunched over this letter trying to write small. The only problem with this is that if it goes bad, then I can never enjoy El Camino Real* ever again because it will ... nevermind. I don't know what I'm talking about. But you know what today's lunch felt like, the lunch felt like? Lightning. The kind of lightning from Meet Joe Black*. Like the conversation from the diner. Not that this guy is BRAD PITT . . . I wish! But he does have those electric eyes ... I hope he's dressed cool ... like I could really be turned off if he's dressed badly ... I mean my roommates are meeting him and I just want him to look NORMAL.

*We met in the cafeteria lunch line and ate together. As we put our trays away, Rob asked me out on this date.

*Chase Westfall = High school crush that's not on Facebook. Boo

*El Camino Real = Rob's college band. He wore eyeliner on stage!

*Meet Joe Black = I've completely forgotten what this reference means. I need to watch it again.


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