Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Wort Schatz

Ein Date mit Goldie
Meine neuste Freundin heisst Goldie Hawn. Ihre Autobiografie ist unvollkommen, selbstgestrickt und derart nach persönlichem Gusto erzählt, dass ich wirklich das Gefühl hatte, einen Menschen, und kein PR-Produkt kennenzulernen... ich mag den Hippie, die Lebensfreudige, die Ausprobiererin und Positivistin Goldie. Ich habe das Gefühl, wir würden uns gut verstehen.

...I remember one day, not so long ago, when I pulled my car up to a stoplight in Los Angeles, on Wilshire and Twenty-sixth Street, right near where I lived. I was by myself and an Elton John song I love, "I'm Still Standing", came on the radio. I began to move my body to the music, bouncing up and down on my seat, seat singing at the top of my voice. But it wasn't enough.

"The hell with it!" I cried, and, opening my car door, I jumped out, stood in the street and really let myself go. I started to really dance with abandon. I didn't care what I looked like. I was feeling the rythm, feeling the joy, and I went with it. The man in the care behind me started to laugh. Before I knew it, he jumped out of his car and he started dancing too. The two of us strutted our stuff and shook and wriggled and danced until the stoplight suddenly changed. Then we dashed back into our cars, laughting, and when our seperate ways...

Goldie Hawn in Ihrer Autobiografie "A lotus grows in the mud"


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